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All The Way Live


a live musical journey through hip hop’s many intersections

Collide with music’s past and present through jazz standards, hip hop samples and actual liner notes from your favorite artists. This electrifying show combines live music, poetry and a multimedia design that enhances a medley of your favorite jams. Sing along, dance and learn more about the back story of your favorite songs.

Liner Notes premiered in Washington DC in 2012 and has since become a successful series with several installments. Thematic installments include LOVE (duets, love stories, Valentine’s day etc), FAMILY (intersection of many musical families in pop music), HIP HOP FAVORITES (the LN ensemble shares their favorite Hip Hop samples and originals), AUDIENCE REQUESTS (from the most popular to the most absurd!) and MUSIC OF THE MOVEMENT (Message music from the Civil Rights era).

To date, Liner Notes has performed to sold out audiences throughout the country from the Kennedy Center to the Capital Jazz Cruise.  Looking for the show that’s educational, interactive, a critically acclaimed jazz quintet and international hip hop artists? Then look no further, LINER NOTES is sure to blow you away! Featuring Paige Hernandez, Baye Harrell, Akua Allrich and Kris Funn’s Corner Store Jazz Quintet.


LINER NOTES makes me wonderfully emotional. With this show, I created everything I wanted to experience as a music lover. This show is part theatre…part concert…part educational…ALL PARTY. It is a TREMENDOUS example of the intersection of  hip hop music and all it’s predecessors….played live by critically acclaimed jazz musicians and hip hop artists. We also pay homage to the artists we cover by reading their actual liner notes  to really take your love of a song or artist to the next level. This show is  special to me for many reasons but it also features my father on guitar and my husband on bass. It is a multigenerational, family experience that I  love passing to students, music lovers and other families. You have to experience it to believe it. Give the people what they want. Book this show.

Paige Hernandez (Creator, Curator and Director)
Kristopher Funn (Bass/Musical Director)
Akua Allrich or Deborah Bond (Vocalist)
Baye Harrell (lyricist)
Angelo Hernandez (guitar)
Karen Hernandez (artist liaison, operator)
John Russell Lamkin, III (drums)
Dante Pope (vocalist and percussion)
Sam Prather (piano)
Herbert Scott or Trey Sorrells (saxophone)
Lisa Vivo or Ayesis Clay (stage manager, lighting design)


Student performance running time: 60 minutes with optional talkback
Public performance running time: 90 minutes with optional talkback

LINER NOTES TEAM: Eleven PERSONS (Eight performers, three production team)
FROM VENUE: Light board op, sound op, crew to set backline and sound requirements

Between 4-6 hours, rider, backline and light plot upon request

YES! More details about workshop offerings upon request.
LINER NOTES is available for week long engagements of workshop, residencies and performances.



Best show ever.

Why the fuck did it take me this long to see this!?

I would pay a million dollars to watch this.

We want this back every year.

I hope this show tours forever.

Let’s make these artists dumb rich.